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My artistry is a by-product of my fascination with clean forms and brilliant colors. The challenge is to keep it fresh and relevant while keeping it interesting to me. My craft has never evoked any message other than beauty for the sake of beauty. Glass is inherently beautiful. 

The Mosaic line is the foundation of our Tandem collection. Terrill and I created it in 2005 when we needed to make holiday gifts for the family and everybody was asking for a piece of glass. Our production studio had a natural by-product of scrap glass colors, interesting threads, shards, and randomly twisted stringers that became the decoration for drinkware that we gave away to our families and friends. To me, the Mosaic design represents the individual. The one. That one cup, which we now make thousands of, is an individual art piece that almost anyone can afford to take home and keep in their own way. Why do we need sameness?

Charlie: The Story
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