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Hero Media drops in to watch Charlie and Terrill make mosaic pendant lighting for the Kennebek Cabin Company, and chat about what it means to work in Tandem.

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Maine Cabin Masters

It’s a Cabin Masters conundrum as Chase and the team are challenged to take a former garage and turn it into a home that will comfortably accommodate six siblings and their 17 kids. They’re up against the clock to convert the cramped camp into a real cabin the family can enjoy for years to come.

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Maine Women Magazine

Color is my thing. It is so infinitely inspiring and expresses all the other things I love, like botanicals, food, and toys….anime, bugs, etc. I’ve worked with glass for 30 years and share a studio with my husband, who is also a glassblower.

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Maine Home + Design

The windows at Tandem Glass in Dresden shimmer with color—crimson and mango stripes twist up some vessels, while leek green and lavender shimmy down others. The stationary vases, pitchers, glasses, and lampshades seem to move as I move around them, but it’s only the effect of summer light on so many vivid colors. This illusion points to their creation, a process that plays out similar to choreography, explains Charlie Jenkins. “Each piece requires a formula of moves with two or more people working on one thing,” he says. “Just like dancing.”

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WMTV 8 Made in Maine

A Maine husband and wife are creating works of art from blown glass at their studio in Dresden Mills.

Their business, Tandem Glass, is fittingly named because of how Terrill Waldman and Charlie Jenkins work in tandem to create their blown glass.

From Steve Minich's Made in Maine Series

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Old Port Magazine

A visit with PMA Store director Sally Struever in her family’s Deering bungalow.

Sometimes I spend as much time in art museum stores as I do looking at the art itself. No matter how little time I have at the Portland Museum of Art, I am inevitably drawn to spend a chunk of it at the PMA Store, where I can count on finding accessories unlike any I’ve ever seen before—blown glass that looks plucked from a Dali painting...

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Every piece of Tandem Glass is a testament to the decades of experience and vision that Terrill Waldman and Charlie Jenkins share and produce in tandem with one another. One leads, one follows, both move together toward one goal—that their next piece will be better than the last.

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Maine Magazine

Ceramicists, jewelry designers and glassblowers, these artists represent a vibrant community of makers who are continuing Maine’s heritage of craft. Using materials ranging from neon tubing to lumber, their stories are told through the products they make and the people who invite them into their lives.

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