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I’m primarily inspired by botany and color, taking many photos on walks and in botanical gardens. I mimic nature with my glass work by amplifying or simplifying patterns and forms. I spend my winters in Maine blowing glass and designing around what will come up in the spring. In winter I work from memory. In summer, when the world is full of color we shut the glass blowing studio down and I turn to my clear work: cutting, etching and polishing glass on my lathe.  

These days I think about my art form more and more as just color. I rely on my familiarity with glass to play with just that. My favorite thing to do is pull canne (long strands of glass pulled into rods and threads). I layer the colors to hold the light in a way people haven’t seen before. Lately, I’ve been geeking out on transforming off-colors like pea green to make them rich and filled with light.

Terrill: The Story
Terrill: Pro Gallery
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